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Stainless Pellet Series

Single-wall laser-welded stainless steel fume evacuation piping and AISI 316L.
Diameter: 80-100.
Material: stainless steel AISI 316L, with a thickness of 0´4mm.
Continuous laser welding in all of the pieces.
Shiny exterior finish.
Joint system: male-female for pipes and fittings.
Fuel type: solid, liquid and gaseous fuels.
Maximum temperature allowed: 200ºC with silicon gasket, 600ºC without silicon gasket.
V2 corrosion test: the pellet stainless steel series at AISI 316L the corrosion by condensation test, which guarantees an ideal product for being used with any type of solid (firewood, pellets, and coal), liquid or gaseous fuel.

AISI 304:

Ventilation and air conditioning.
Boilers: gas, diesel oil and no condensation.
Solid fuel stoves.
Commercial, industrial and sports facilities.


Condensation gas boilers.
Diesel oil boilers.
Solid fuel stoves.
Pellet stoves and boilers.

Interior/exterior installation.


Certification of pursuance regarding factory production control, pursuant to the Construction Products Rules and Regulations 305/2011 KIWA FPC.
Product certified by KIWA pursuant to the EN 1856-2:2009 standard.
Designation: T600-N1-D-V2-L50040-G600M  


Pol. Ind. El Salvador II - VIAL D.
Apdo. de correos, 37.
02630 LA RODA (Albacete) España.

+34 967 44 02 57

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