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Condiciones Denerales de Venta


These conditions correspond to the Fee that substitutes and voids all of the previous ones. The contractual relationship of each order is subject to the rules and regulations in the general selling conditions herein.

The purchasing part waivers his/her own eventual general purchasing conditions.

In the event of an agreement of special conditions for an individual order, said special conditions must be stated in writing in said order.

The purchase orders are irrevocable for the purchasing party and are deemed as formalized from the moment when said purchasing party received formal confirmation from EXOJO, S.L. Once confirmed, the purchase order cannot be cancelled without previous written consent from EXOJO, S.L. In said case, EXOJO, S.L. may have the right to demand compensation for the expenses and costs made in connection to the fulfillment of the order.

In the case of orders with special parts, designs and manufacturing materials, they should be accompanied by a technical drawing or blueprint made by the client, or, in its absence, the client’s signature and stamp as a sign of conformity in the technical drawing designed by

EXOJO, S.L. Said parts will in no case be susceptible to cancellation or return, once confirmed by the client.


The prices set forward in this fee are references for merchandise placed in the factory, which substitute and void all of the prices previously published and do not constitute an offer of any kind by EXOJO, S.L.

Said prices may be subject to variations during the period of validity of said documents, due to possible increases in production prices.

The prices in the invoices will be those effective at the date the material is delivered. Taxes are not included in the prices published in this fee. The price and payment will be finalized and confirmed in writing, in each case, by the parties, after which, they will be considered binding.


All of the orders with a net price of over 1,000 euro in the Spanish peninsula, and 2,500 euro for other places, will be delivered for free. In case of order of less than said amounts, the client must inform EXOJO, S.L. of the transportation agency they wish to deliver the shipment and provide the documents and the shipping fees that apply. EXOJO, S.L. reserves the right to ship the orders with its usual agency including in the client’s invoice the fees of said transportation service. The delivery periods are provided strictly as a reference and EXOJO, S.L. will not be held liable for damages derived from possible delays. Hence, a delay in the delivery may in no case imply a penalty for EXOJO, S.L.

EXOJO, S.L. will not be liable for failed deliveries caused by fortuitous events or force majeure, such as floods, total or partial strikes, etc.


All of the merchandise served to the client is the exclusive property of EXOJO, S.L. until it has been paid in full, according to the issued invoice.


The client is advised to check that the shipping seals, wrapping and the material are in perfect condition when accepting the order delivered by whomever carried out the transportation.

If anything seems out of place, the client must notify EXOJO, S.L. in writing within the 24 hours following the reception of the material, as well as notify such occurrence in the delivery note of the carrier, or at least sing with reserves. Once said 24 have passed, EXOJO, S.L. will not be held liable for future incidences.

The claims for missing material will only be accepted if notified in writing to the factory within 24 hours after receiving said material.

Specially ordered custom-made pieces cannot be returned. All of the material exchange, repair or return claims must be handled in writing and require a previous request and the approval by EXOJO, S.L. Said approval must be sent together with a copy of the invoice and the delivery note of the original shipment. Without the aforementioned signed and stamped approval by EXOJO, S.L., no returns may be executed.

All of the returns will be sent with shipping costs paid for.

Whenever a return is approved by EXOJO, S.L., the payment for said material will be done in the same conditions as before, deducting a percentage of no less than 30% for handling, revision and quality control.


All of EXOJO, S.L. products have a full warranty for material or manufacturing defects. The warranty covers exchanging or repairing defective parts, as well as shipment costs, as long as the defects are not caused by normal wear and tear.

EXOJO, S.L. is neither liable nor does it offer performance warranties for products or defects in products manufactured under special orders or designs made by the clients.

The client agrees that EXOJO, S.L. is exempt from third-party claims arising as a consequence of possible damages caused by said products, including product liability.

7 - Spanish Organic Law on the Protection of Personal Data (L.O.P.D.)

Personal information provided by the client will be kept under the utmost confidentiality within the EXOJO, S.L. files, pursuant to the Organic Law 15/1999 of 13 December, on the Protection of Persona Data.


EXOJO, S.L. and its clients expressly submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of La Roda, renouncing all other jurisdictions.


Pol. Ind. El Salvador II - VIAL D.
Apdo. de correos, 37.
02630 LA RODA (Albacete) España.
+34 967 44 02 57